Operating Since 1991

Bell's DUI Drug Risk School is a community-oriented service to help all drivers obtain/reinstate their driver's license. A Bell's Driving School opened in 1998 in an effort to reach driver's before they had issues impacting their drivers license.  

Why Work With Us

Focusing on building safer drivers in the community.  A Bells Driving School/Bell's DUI Drug Risk School offers a host of programs and resources for youth and older drivers. With weekend classes, summer programs, and evening classes, we do our utmost to ensure we accommodate all of our clients.

Catering to the high school youth, 15 to 18, from around the greater Thomson area, our school works with students to instill knowledge, confidence, and experience to be safer drivers.

By engaging their peers from throughout the community, boys and girls get a better view of the driving situation as well as the chance to learn new skills and build their confidence.

We offer a variety of in-class instruction as well as online classroom instruction to facilitate all of our clients.

Annually, we engage hundreds of youth, volunteers, and affluent members of the community. We are fully committed to building a better tomorrow.

Bells DUI

"I'm a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn't have the heart to let him down." - Abraham Lincoln

Our Services

It is always amazing to see how youth excel when provided the opportunity. Our programs do just that
- allow youth to excel.

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Engaging our clients is vital for their success and imperative when it comes to building vibrant communities.