An Ignition Interlock consists of a hand-held device similar to a cellular phone in design. It attaches a breath-alcohol analyzer to a vehicle's ignition system. The vehicle operator must complete a breath test measuring BrAC (Breath alcohol concentration) below .02% (Georgia Law) before the vehicle can be started. The device also requires random retests while driving.

•     Very simple to use, easy to install, lightweight and compact. Fits in the palm of your hand
•     Temporarily mounts with Velcro - no damage to your vehicle
•     No buttons, turns itself on, ready to test by the time you buckle your seat belt (in warm weather)
•     Test takes 5 seconds to complete, will accommodate individuals who have a hard time exhaling
•     Stall protection for emergencies, the vehicle can be restarted without having to re-test
•     Does not impede the normal operation of the vehicle and will not adversley impact the condition of the vehicle's battery
•     Meets or exceeds performance standards recommended by the NHTSA and the Federal Department of Transportation
•     Covered by manufacturer's warranty, 24 hour emergency customer service available