The State of Georgia requires DUI offenders to complete the Risk Reduction Program (RRP). The program is a 20 hour class for DUI, drug possession, and at times other offenses are required to attend. We offer multiple classes during the month with special class schedules around the holidays. The classes are typically on the weekend with either a Friday evening or Monday evening session. 

Every 6 weeks we offer a class on the weekdays.

The assessment is the first step in the intervention process. It is a self-administered survey, which is computer scored and analyzed. The assessment instrument is the NEEDS, which is nationally recognized and validated. The NEEDS assessment helps the student understand his/her level of involvement with alcohol and/or drugs and how it is impacting his/her life. Assessment Fee is $100.00.

Intervention component or 20 hour class is a course that delivers therapeutic education over a 20 hour period. The required curriculum for the Risk Reduction Program is the Prime for Life. Class Fee is $235.00 plus a $25.00 book fee.

The hours of the program have to comply with DDS guidelines but are designed to be completed as soon as possible. The sessions cannot be in excess of a 4 hour block so we typically take an hour lunch break from 12pm to 1pm on the daytime portion of the classes.

The assessment must be completed no later than the day before class begins except on the classes that begin in the evenings. Those have to be done at least two hours before class.

All fees are set by Georgia law and must be paid the day before class begins.

Assessment Fee: $100.00
20 Hour Class: $235.00
Book Fee: $25.00

Total $360.00