The fees are set by Georgia law for point or court related reasons but are not set for insurance reduction.

The defensive driving class is not a punitive activity, rather it is educational. The defensive driving class is designed to define vehicle crash causation, improve driver behavior, and help drivers avoid future traffic citations, reduce vehicle crash involvement, and reduce injuries, fatalities and property damage. The defensive driving classes are held almost every Saturday except some holidays. Week night classes are offered once to twice a month.

You must be enrolled by 4:30pm the day before the class begins.

Defensive Driving is a 6 hour class.

The class prices are: 

Insurance discounts may apply call for pricing and information
Point reduction, court orders, suspension/revocation: $95.00.

Thomson School #1           Augusta School #2           Martinez School #3
01/27/18 9am - 4pm           01/13/18 9am - 4pm          01/20/18 9am - 4pm
02/24/18 9am - 4pm          02/10/18 9am - 4pm         02/17/18 9am - 4pm
03/24/18 9am - 4pm          03/10/18 9am - 4pm         03/17/18 9am - 4pm