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Operating since 1991, Bells DUI, LLC is dedicated to helping our students get their drivers license initially or getting them back. We don't think of it as just getting a license back, we consider it as getting your life back. We strive to teach our students to make consistant low risk decisions that can be applied to every aspect of their life.

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  • DUI/Risk Reduction
  • Defensive Driving
  • Drivers Education

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          Bells DUI Drug Risk School's was initially founded by Hudson L. Bell, Sr. and Marie H. Bell in Thomson Georgia. It has expanded to three locations in the CSRA to meet all of our students needs.  It started out as just one DUI School in Thomson Georgia because Hudson Bell Sr. was operating his convenience store when a gentleman came in around 7:00am one morning and bought two beers. Hudson said jokingly why are you drinking so early in the morning, and the response was that he was on the way to DUI School. Hudson said he needed to be glad that he was not teaching it because he would be allowed in. Shortly after that, Hudson received a phone call informing him that he was going to open a much needed DUI School. After a while they started offering Defensive Driving because if schools did not offer it then the students would have to take the DUI Risk Reduction, and pay the full price for DUI class. 

          Eventually their children Renee' and Hudson Bell, Jr. joined the business and it expanded to multiple locations throughout the CSRA to be more convenient for our students. Today the schools are run by Hudson L. Bell, Jr., and he tries to run them in the same manner that his father ran them. 

          Whether you are trying to get your license for the first time, or trying to get them reinstated call us now and let us help you with this process. We are here to help. 


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About Us

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  • Guardian Interlock
  • Clinical Eval./Treatment
  • ADAP
  • Third Party Testing